Vega® Protein Nutrition Shake

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Why You’ll Love It

Ready to take with you on-the-go, enjoy delicious Vega® Protein Nutrition Shake chilled on your way out the door, while you run errands, or mid-commute.

  • 20 grams protein
    Each bottle has 20 grams plant-based protein from a multisource blend of pea protein, hemp protein, and pumpkin seed protein.
  • Greens and superfoods
    With ingredients including spinach, kale, organic spirulina, green algae and broccoli.
  • 25% DV of at least 11 vitamins and minerals


  • 3-4 grams fiber
    Vanilla flavor has 3 grams fiber, or 12% DV, while Chocolate flavor has 4 grams fiber, or 16% DV. The fiber in both flavors comes primarily from flaxseed.
  • 1 gram Omega-3 ALA
    You’ll get essential fatty acids from flaxseed.


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